Thursday, June 30, 2011

Heroes Of Ruin Has Over 80,000 Weapons!?

"We’ve got over 20,000 weapons per class, we’ve got a tremendous amount of content," said Tim Schwalk, producer at n-Space.

Being a dungeon crawler, equipping your character with new gear is a core element of Heroes of Ruin. You don’t have to go through menus to do this. If you see loot on the ground you can equip it by pressing up on the D-pad. Weapons are class specific. After all, the bullish Vindicator isn’t going to pick up a rifle made for the Gunslinger.

"20,000… weapons per class," I said wondering how n-Space created so many arms. 80,000+ weapons are a lot to collect.

"We have a really cool randomization system," Schwalk elaborated. "As loot is dropped, based on a lot of different factors, it’ll actually configure them and put them all together.

With so many weapons. you probably won’t see every item in Heroes of Ruin. The game automatically creates a StreetPass shop, which you can access in the middle of the Nexus, the game’s hub world. When you pass another player in a mall, coffee shop or Heroes of Ruin party your loot populates another player’s trader’s network. This will give them a chance to buy gear you found and vice-versa.

Heroes of Ruin is slated for release early of 2012 on Nintendo 3DS. Any this is the first MMO game for 3DS!

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