Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Pieces of Heart locations

Link can earn 20 hearts in the game, defeating all bosses will get 11 hearts, and the rest of them are created by the Pieces of Heart, each 4 Pieces of Heart create one heart. This is all Pieces of Heart location.

# Location Description Child Adult
1GraveyardHide below gravestoneYesNo
2GraveyardPay Dampe to dig random graves at nightYesNo
3Hyrule Castle Town MarketReturn Richard the puppy to the woman in back alley during night timeYesNo
4Lon Lon RanchCrawl space within the siloYesNo
5Lost WoodsPlay ocarina game with the tow forest people on stumpsYesNo
6Lost WoodsPlay Saria's Song for the Skull KidYesNo
7Goron CityThrow bomb in spinning pot in the center of Goron CityYesNo
8Death Mountain CraterIn small alcove down the main ledgeYesYes
9Kakariko VillageInside house with caged cowYesYes
10Hyrule Castle Town MarketWin the Bombchu Bowling minigame.YesNo
11Zora's RiverAlong riverbank, use Cucco to reach itYesYes
12Zora's River*Same as aboveYesYes
13Zora's DomainLight series of torches within Zora's DomainYesNo
14Lake HyliaCatch 10 pound fish in the fishing minigameYesNo
15Hyrule FieldPlant bomb in fenced area near entrance of Lake HyliaYesYes
16Gerudo ValleyJump off bridge while using Cucco to land behind waterfallYesYes
17Gerudo ValleyJump off bridge while using Cucco to land next to crate, roll into crate.YesYes
18Kakariko VillageFound inside windmill after completing Dampe's underground raceNoYes
19Kakariko VillageReturn 50 Gold Skulltula Tokens to the House of SkulltulaYesYes
20GraveyardRide magic plant that grew from Magic BeansNoYes
21Death Mountain TrailRide magic plant that grew from Magic Beans at entrance to Dodongo’s CavernNoYes
22Death Mountain CraterRide magic plant that grew from Magic BeansNoYes
23Zora's FountainOn ice floesNoYes
24Zora's FountainDrop to bottom of fountain with Iron BootsNoYes
25Ice CavernEncased in red ice, use blue fire to melt it.NoYes
26Lake HyliaRide magic plant that grew from Magic Beans.NoYes
27Lake HyliaBottom of the lab well, requires Golden ScaleYesYes
28Hyrule FieldSecret grotto near Lon Lon Ranch.YesYes
29Kakariko VillageChild Link: Side jump off the tower to the rooftop
Adult Link: Longshot up to rooftop with lone villager
30GraveyardWin the Dampe's second underground raceNoYes
31Zora's RiverPlay Song of Storms for frogsYesNo
32Zora's RiverPlay all six non-warp songs for frogs.then follow sequence with frogsYesNo
33Hyrule Castle Town MarketComplete Treasure Box minigame with the Lens of TruthYesNo
34Gerudo's FortressOn top of the FortressNoYes
35Gerudo's FortressScore 1000 points at Horseback Archery RangeNoYes
36Desert ColossusRide magic plant that grew from Magic BeansNoYes

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